No time to login to second life

Yello second lifw friends. my first life is so busy I have no time to login for a week and my internet connection is not so good. I still need to login 2st life but any way I should concentrade and spend more time on my job you can see from this blog it theme have look ugly because I didn't change the picture link from free picture hosting to my hosting account soon.

Second Life = Future Life

splash screen future life robot

It explanation of living in second life. I like it, I don't know where snapshot is taken from. If you know please tell me I want to Teleport to this location It could be interesting place.

My 2nd life Holliday in Sunday noon

second life holliday relax

virtual holliday beach

Yesterday I visited to Siggy's WaterWorks Island it such a relax place I was enjoy to swam in the pool and jump by diving board. This place is not much people you can stay longer because activities.

second life pool swim

And they sell pool and beach decoration chairs and surf board also, If you owned land and house you can buy the pool or what house deco you like.

diving by computer

second life virtual diving

Siggy's WaterWorks Island
Group: WaterWorks Island
Type: Estate / Full Region
Rating: MPG
Area: 65520 sq.m.
Traffic: 6380
For Sale: Not for sale

Need to rent cheep space for ads in second life

rent ads space virtual world

Requirement for ads space in second life world

  • banner location: Beach House, Beach Shop, or any space not too far from the beach
  • rent price: 20$L-50$L per week
  • traffic: 1,500 above 
I'm looking for rent some cheep ads space to place my banner just one ads. If you read this topic and you are land owner you can offer it to me by contact me.

Fins for scond life watersport lovers

secondlife virtual watersport

Such a long time ago, I created my own scuba equipments for my Avatar it is Wetsuit, BCD, and fins, I keep in the inventory for a year, today proper time to sell something and I think this Fins is the basics for every one. You are a scuba diver even though you are just beach lover or who like to wear bikini or shorts with flip flops you can buy this one too. to complete your beach lifestyle.

Just contact me by IM chat when I online and pay me 150$L I'll send it to you.
You can send me by the e-mail and make an appointment when you will log in to second life and I'll meet you there.

Nice place in sunny day

second life splash screen

Virtual Tour - Hyannisport

second life relax place 
This place is such a relaxation beach it a good one in second life to chill It quiet place to relax and beautiful landscape also. Medium size club house in the center and few small house on the beach all of building made from wood. I recommend this land to visit you can see great view lighthouse when the sunset.
Now the land is not for sales and no job there but I think when the developing is done it gonna be a great place in Second Life.

Hyannisport InfoHub
Location: 114, 69, 29
Type: Mainland
Rating: Mature
Area: 65536 sq.m.
Traffic: 12910
For Sale: Not for sale

1st Life friend in 2nd Life

She is good friend of mine in 1st life in the 2nd life her name is Somerset. She came in to second life in just two day. Normally newbie to Second life not look good like this I belieave she visit many many place to find stuff to make her look in twoday.

Me and Somerset was talked on the toppic about Second Life and how to make money from it. When we talk discovery channel run tv program about future life (or something like that). She stop work inmediately shout on me and start juicy toppic with me about how to suscess in virtual life business model, what she can do, how about opportunity and then I start to search around net about the Annual Report and Linden lab Company stats. It made big to me surprise about how much fast of Second life growing, how much money people can earn from this virtual reality (you will not believe about this) Next time I'll show the articles to surprise you about how fast growing of it.

I think the skirt she wear look like it made from curtain!Don't you think?

I'm Back to start in Second Life

It such a long time since 2007 I wasn't living in Second Life around two year ago. Now I'm back to living in Second Life again. I'm back to the city but every thing is changed my friends, town, Islands got more construction but I don't much people some time it good becouse In the city are not much smog not too much crown there. Any way I think in this time it quite serious to moving in to the thecity but for the fiest I need to find a good place to stay may me rent some space in the city. but some time I want to live far away from people in the island somewhere.

The newest version of Second Life (Second Life 1.23.4) is used too much resource of my old laptop, It crash every 5 Min I really want to shout to the developer to make it more compattible with MacOS(PPC) and it could be alot better if the software can adjust various level of graphic for oldies computer.

Welcome to Living Second Life

This is my blog, my name is Modeller Miles.

I'm living in Second life.

Hope to meet you there.