1st Life friend in 2nd Life

She is good friend of mine in 1st life in the 2nd life her name is Somerset. She came in to second life in just two day. Normally newbie to Second life not look good like this I belieave she visit many many place to find stuff to make her look in twoday.

Me and Somerset was talked on the toppic about Second Life and how to make money from it. When we talk discovery channel run tv program about future life (or something like that). She stop work inmediately shout on me and start juicy toppic with me about how to suscess in virtual life business model, what she can do, how about opportunity and then I start to search around net about the Annual Report and Linden lab Company stats. It made big to me surprise about how much fast of Second life growing, how much money people can earn from this virtual reality (you will not believe about this) Next time I'll show the articles to surprise you about how fast growing of it.

I think the skirt she wear look like it made from curtain!Don't you think?